A Finnish spruce resin spray for horses’ wound and skin contusion treatment and cleaning.


More information

The Finnish ArcticVet spruce resin spray is an effective and gentle help for treating and cleaning pets’ wounds and skin contusion. The spray contains Finnish spruce resin and yarrow extract, and creates a protective coating on the damaged skin.

ArcticVet spruce resin spray is suitable for:

  • bacterial and fungal infection treatment
  • wounds
  • thrush
  • mud fever
  • rain scald
  • hot spot issues

ArcticVet spruce resin spray is the number one product for your medical cupboard! The spray is caring and disinfectant, and thanks to natural raw materials, biodegradable.

Due to the included spruce resin, the product is not suitable for resin hypersensitivity.

EAN-code: 6 429810 097026