A gentle treatment oil for sensitive skin that can be used safely for many skin conditions.


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ArcticVet’s treatment oil is a gentle solution for sensitive skin that can be used safely for many different skin conditions.

ArcticVet treatment oil

  • moisturizes dry skin effectively
  • curbs itching and relieves pain thanks to its active ingredients

ArcticVet’s treatment oil is produced from Finnish natural raw materials. Its basic substances are organic oils such as rapeseed and hemp oils. These oils absorb fast making the skin softer, however, without blocking the sensitive pores.

Hemp and rapeseed oils offer many benefits to skincare:

  • Hemp oil is extremely moisturizing and contains lots of antioxidants. It soothes the skin and helps infection healing.
  • The active ingredient of the treatment oil is Finnish yarrow, which curbs and relieves pain and itching.
  • The vitamin E derived from the oil extends the product’s shelf life and treats the skin.
  • Vitamin E also soothes skin infections and improves the skin’s resilience.

The natural product is biodegradable. Due to the included spruce resin, the product is not suitable for resin hypersensitivity.

EAN-code: 6 429810 097101