Effective and gentle treatment for your horse's skin conditions

Is your horse bothered by, for instance, a bacterial or fungal infection, a wound or itchy skin? With our products, you can also treat more severe conditions like thrush or rain scald.

Our products offer gentle and effective help for many horse-related discomforts with the help of natural raw materials. The products are biodegradable, disinfectant and protective solutions – you can trust that they do not damage your horse’s sensitive skin.

The product packaging is designed to be user-friendly, so you do not need to open different boxes or tubes. Instead, you can spray the product directly onto the skin that needs treatment.

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Raw materials

Finnish spruce resin

Spruce resin promotes wound healing thanks to its strong antimicrobial effect.


Yarrow curbs infections and relieves pain and itching. The scent repels insects.  

Pine tar

Tar produced from pine cleans, disinfects and reduces bacterial growth. The scent repels insects.


The antibacterial and antiseptic effects of honey are based on its enzymes.

Bee wax

Bee wax softens callus and prevents infections. The wax is a mixture of myricin, serine and different acids, and it contains antibacterial substances.

Organic hemp and rapeseed oils

Hemp and rapeseed oils safely moisturize and soften sensitive skin.