ArcticSpray is the "bug repellent" of our product line, whose strong tar scent repels insects

We had been thinking about whether functional bug repellents that can be used on the skin actually exist. It is true that some of the products create protection against bugs for some time, but how long is the actual protection time?

Are these products actually useful for bug problems or are they just unnecessary environmental toxins that we spray onto the horse's skin and, at the same time, damage the habitat of pollinators? How many people have tried what these substances feel like on their own skin in the summer heat when the sun is shining?

The most used insecticides are not very long-lasting, but instead they dissolve fast in the sunlight. Some of the insecticides have an impact on the insects' nervous system and prevent their normal eating behavior.

The substances are, however, not perfect in their action mechanisms. To get its toxic dose, the insect must first bite the individual, which of course means skin contact and that the insect spreads its antigens through the biting area.

We wanted to create a natural, effective, and non-toxic option

ArcticSpray is full of proven functional and natural raw materials. The strong scent of tar repels bugs from your pet and simultaneously curbs skin irritation and itchiness. Apart from tar, the product contains many other natural active ingredients:

• As base ingredients, ArcticSpray contains organic rapeseed and hemp oils. These Finnish oils absorb fast and leave the skin soft without blocking the sensitive pores.
• The active substance is yarrow, which curbs infections and relieves pain and itching.
• Antiseptic honey and bee wax treat irritated skin and speeds up its healing.
• Also vitamins play their own role in ArcticSpray. Vitamin E extends the product's shelf life and treats the skin, soothes skin infections, and improves skin resilience.

ArcticVet treatment oil treats the skin and reduces skin infections

Among our product selection, you can find the ArcticVet treatment oil. The gentle oil is meant for sensitive skin and can be used safely for many different skin conditions. It effectively curbs itching and relieves pain thanks to its active ingredients.

The treatment oil is a studied, safe Finnish product designed in laboratory conditions. It is suitable for pregnant and lactating mares as well as newborn foals.

Rapeseed and hemp oil, spruce resin, and yarrow. These raw materials together make the treatment oil the perfect product that curbs pain and itching. Hemp oil is extremely moisturizing and contains lots of antioxidants, it soothes the skin and reduces skin infections. Yarrow curbs and relieves pain and itchiness. Spruce resin has a curative and protective effect. Resin also eliminates bacteria, prevents inflammatory reactions, and speeds up skin resilience.

For these reasons, we chose the particular raw materials - they together make ArcticVet treatment oil an excellent product for your pet's skincare both summer and winter time. The product is suitable to be used together with the ArcticSpray product.