As the Corona pandemic started impacting the Finnish economy, we thought it would be important to tell you a bit more about the raw materials used in our products and how by using them, each and everyone can support the Finnish economy and help retain jobs in Finland.

Our animal skincare products are from Finland as are all the raw materials used in them. The raw materials can be found in the Finnish nature and on the fields. We know all the raw material producers who are small-business owners around Finland. It is of important value to us that we can bring work to Finland and, apart from ourselves, also give work to other small-business owners.

The origin of our raw materials and ethical production methods are also important values to us. Hence, the oils used in our products are organic and originate from local farms.

Resin is collected by hand from the forests of Northern Finland

The resin we use is collected by hand in the forests of Northern Finland. For a long time already, the resin has been collected for us by Jarmo, who has an unbelievably good technique of gathering resin without harming the trees. The resin arrives to us clean and of uniform quality.

Help for pain and itchiness from Finnish herbs

Moreover, herbs such as yarrow is collected by hand from the pure Finnish nature. Yarrow is an underrated plant that grows all over Finland, apart from the most northern parts. The plant has a pain and itch relieving effect and it has been used as a medical plant through the ages both internally and externally. Yarrow and many other herbs are collected for us by a family business in the North. Part of the raw materials we also gather ourselves in the southern parts of Finland. Our herbs are used for local alcohol beverages and organic oils. This production process is also carried out locally to support employment.

The quality of tar matters

According to traditional methods, tar is burned from Finnish pine stumps in accordance with all the required safety notices. Quality control of the tar is done by Topi, whose tar has such a high demand that it needs to be ordered well in advance for the upcoming season. The quality of the tar is of great matter, so that it is safe to use and has the right reaction in our products. It is not quite the same which tar is used for skincare products.

Our production chain also includes other raw material collectors as well as bee farmers. Hence, even our bee wax and honey are of local origin.

Important vitamins

Our products also include local vitamins such as E and C. Our vitamins have a caring effect on the skin, but their main job is to function as natural preservatives in the products so that we do not need to use any extra chemicals.

Product safety is also important to us and is what originally inspired us to start our product line. We wanted to use safe products, whose origins and contents are known. The product recipes are also created in Finland in safe and studied laboratory conditions.

In these strange times of changes, small things have great importance and by choosing a local product on the store shelf or in the webshop, you might, without knowing, enable someone's job retention and, above all, you support the Finnish economy and keep the purchasing power in Finland.

Your choices matter!

Animals deserve safe local skincare products as well. Our product line came about when we wanted to treat our own pets with Finnish products that contain proven pure and safe raw materials.

Have a sunny spring!

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