An effective, Finnish product for treatment and cleaning of wounds, cuts, and other skin conditions. Natural, non-toxic and safe to use.

ArcticVet® wound spray is meant for treatment of animals' damaged and irritated skin. The substance creates a protective coating and constructs the best circumstances for the skin area to heal. The wound spray contains plant extracts, which have an effect of preventing harmful bacteria from growing and promoting wound healing. It also contains Finnish spruce resin, which has a broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect.

ArcticVet® wound spray is made in Finland from pure raw materials.


  • Wounds
  • Bacterial and fungal infections
  • Hot spots, wounds and rash with difficulties to heal
  • White line disease treatment on horses
  • Thrush treatment

Spruce resin is strongly antimicrobial and has a studied effect of promoting wound healing. It also has an effect of preventing bacterial growth in wounds and it is suitable for treatment of different skin damage. Yarrow relieves pain and itching, curbs infections and has a wound healing effect.

ArcticVet® wound spray is recommended to be used together with other caring products of the product line, such as ArcticVet® treatment cream.

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